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Alt: Creating and Reusing a Roster Template

This article covers copying an existing roster without needing to save it as a template. If you want to use templates, click on the link above.

NOTE: Copying a roster is currently restricted to one site at a time on the weekly view of the roster, but expanding its capability is planned for a future release.

Clubs Roster Select Site and Staff.png

To copy a roster, ensure you are on the weekly view and currently have one site selected in the site selection filter.

Elf Roster Delete Copy Upload Buttons.png

The Copy a Roster button will appear.

Before you click it, make sure you know the date range of the roster you are copying which you can do by searching with the date picker at the top of your screen.

Once you know the date of the roster you want to copy, go to the week you want to add the shifts to, and you can click it to open the Copy a Roster modal. Once you select an option, click Copy to add the roster to your current roster period.

NOTE: Copying a roster will clear all published and draft shifts from the roster period you are working in and replace it with the roster you are copying. Only published shifts are copied from the existing roster you are copying from. If you want to add shifts to the current roster you are working on without clearing the shifts or you want to copy both published and draft shifts, you can achieve this by saving and uploading roster templates.

Clubs Roster Copy Roster.png




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