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ClubsHR allows you to see staff availability and leave, both on the roster and in the shift modal. 

On the Roster

You can enable or disable the shading on the roster with the Availability button. 

Clubs Roster Availability and Sort.png

It will then show you their availability in green and any leave in red.

Elf Roster Shading Daily View.png

On the Daily View, you can see the shifts on top of shading, which helps to identify any overlap with staff that are partially available for the day

Clubs Roster Availability Weekly.png

Shading on the Weekly/Monthly Views

When Adding or Updating Shifts

Availability and leave shading on the roster are often the first options to identify who to roster for a shift. However, if you are rostering in the By Site or Position view, shading is not possible, and if you are editing a shift to find a replacement for a shift, it's quicker to use our perfect match system in the shift modal. The perfect match system also considers the sites and positions the staff are assigned. 

Once you have opened a shift modal by adding or editing a shift, you need to ensure you have a site and position selected.

Then, when you click on the staff selector, a drop-down menu appears with the staff grouped as follows:

Perfect Matches - these staff qualify for the shift based on their sites and positions allocated on their staff card.
On Leave - Staff with approved leave requests
Not a Match - Staff that don't have the site or position assigned to them on their staff card.

Clubs Roster Select Staff Perfect Match.png Clubs Roster Add Shift Selector.png


The staff also have their availability checked and on display on the right-hand side of the drop-down. If you hover over the icon, you will get further details on their availability.

Clubs Roster Select Staff Partial.png Clubs Roster Select Staff Perfect Match.png



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