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When rostering staff, you may need to consider staff leave and availability. This article will cover the Staff Availability and Leave Overlay feature for the roster.


To enable the feature, you simply click on the Availability button as shown in green in the image below.

Clubs Roster Availability and Sort.png


Instantly you will notice the roster screen add the availability and leave overlay to the roster. 


Weekly and Monthly Views

On the weekly and monthly view, the overlay works as follows:

Full availability - a green line for the length of the roster cell with no time shown under the plus button
Partial availability - a green line that extends only for the available period for the day and the corresponding timeframe under the plus button
Unavailable - no line is shown on the roster cell, and the word Unavailable written under the plus button
On leave - a red line that runs along the roster cell with Leave written under the plus button


Clubs Roster Availability Weekly.png


Daily View

The daily view gives extra visibility into each shift with the overlay and works as follows:

Availability - whether the staff has full or partial availability, the green shading extends for the available period
Unavailable - no shading will be shown across the time period
On leave - red shading extends across the period
Shifts on the roster - each shift will be displayed on top of the shading, which can be very helpful to identify shifts that cross over from the available period and go into the staff member's unavailable period, as well as any shifts that are rostered whilst staff are on leave


Clubs Roster Availability Daily.png




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