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This article will cover the various ways to publish and communicate shifts to your staff. Generally, you will have already read:

An Overview of the Roster
Creating Shift(s) on your Roster

Different Ways to Access the Publish Shift Modal

The first thing to understand is how to access the publish shift modal.

Clubs Roster Publish Modal.png

The Publish Shifts modal can be accessed by creating a shift on the roster and clicking Publish Now, or it can be accessed via the Publish Drafts or Publish # Draft Shifts button to the bottom right of the roster as shown below.

Clubs Roster Shift Modal Published.png

The Publish Now button when creating a shift.

Clubs Roster Publish Draft Shifts.png

The Publish Drafts button on the roster, allows you to publish in bulk. The wording will change slightly to reflect the number of shifts.

Each time you publish shifts, the shifts will be communicated out to the staff based on the selected methods, which will be covered more below. However, it's important to note that if you want to publish more than one shift, it's better to publish them using Publish Drafts on the main roster screen.

Publish Now

Using the Publish Now button is simple and only relates to the shift you are working on. Creating shifts is covered in Creating Shift(s) on your Roster.

Publish Drafts

The Publish Drafts button will allow you to publish everything visible on the roster screen, with additional choices on the Publish Shifts modal.

If you want to publish one day's shifts, one week or a month's worth of shifts, change your rostering period to the right period before pressing the button.

If you want to publish shifts for one site or one staff, you can filter the roster accordingly. You can even combine the views and roster filters to specify further what you want to publish.

Using the Publish Shifts Modal

Now that you have made your choices above and opened the modal. You can choose how to communicate the roster, which shift types to publish and any comments you want to communicate to all the shifts in this group of published shifts.

Clubs Roster Publish Modal.png

As you can see in the above image, you can:

  • add a roster comment by typing into the box, 
  • select how to notify employees, and 
  • confirm the type of shifts to be published.

Notifying Employees

Select whether you want to communicate via email, push (smartphone notifications) or SMS.

All are free except SMS, which is charged per SMS sent and charged to your RosterElf account. So, if you are publishing a group of shifts to 10 employees, that would send 10 SMS.

Shift Types to be Published

You can further filter the shifts you want to publish based on the following options:

Once you are ready, you can press Publish, and the selected shifts will now be published and communicated to staff as selected.



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