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Editing a shift can quickly be done, whether the shift is already published or still in draft.

Note: To ensure data integrity between staff and employers, shifts in the past cannot be edited. If, for any reason, the rostered shift and the actual shift worked vary, you should make the changes on the payroll screen and leave a payroll note. If the shift went to another staff, you can add a shift directly in Payroll. 

1. Hover over the shift you want to edit and select the Edit button.

Clubs Roster Buttons Edit Shift.png

Weekly/Monthly Roster View

Clubs Roster Edit Daily.pngDaily Roster View


2. Make the changes you require on the Edit Shift modal.

3. The options to save the changes will vary depending on whether the shift is already published or still a draft.


Draft Shifts - you can save the shift as a draft again or publish the shift.

NOTE: If you plan to publish all drafts, save it as a draft and use the publish all drafts option on the roster to communicate all the shifts in one message rather than separate messages.

Clubs Roster Shift Modal Draft.png

Published Shifts - Once a shift is published, any changes you make need to alert the staff to the changes. Click Save & Notify to save the changes.



Clubs Roster Shift Modal Published.png






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