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You can easily see how many shifts a staff member has done by using reports or the roster screen with staff filters.

From the Roster

To check while you are rostering, use the staff filter, along with the relevant roster period and other filters suited to your query:
Elf Roster Staff Filter Clear.png

Then, you can check the shift type filter, which includes a shift count:

NOTE: If your screen size is smaller, the count is removed to accommodate the various elements that need to fit on the screen, and you may need to count the shifts in view.

Elf Roster View Shift Type.png

Elf Roster Shift Type Options.png


From Reports

Go to the Complete Shift report and search for the staff's name, add a date range, and select a site if you need to filter by site. You will see a list of shifts that the staff has assigned.

Clubs Reports Complete Shift.png






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