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This article covers the main reasons shifts may not appear in the  ClubsHR Android and iOS apps.

Are your shifts not coming up on the ClubsHR app? There can be several reasons your shifts are not showing up, so we've put together a quick guide to get you back on track.

Delete and reinstall the ClubsHR App on your phone. 

If there has been a conflict in an update or with a software version, this can cause issues. To rule it out, delete the app and download a new version from the iOS store or Google Play Store

Update your phone software.

If you haven't recently updated the software version on your phone, now's the time. This also helps keep your phone secure and ensures all software versions are the latest.


Check with your Manager / Business Owner.

Confirm that you are entered in the ClubsHR system and that all your details are correct (e.g. mobile number, email address, etc.). A conflict in these can cause your shifts not to appear.

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