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Alt: Managing Shift Swap Requests from a Browser

This feature requires enabling from the Settings >Roster > Shift Swaps tab on a computer before shift swaps can occur. 

Key Points 

  • Employees can request shift swaps up to 48 hours (default) before their shift commences. 
  • ClubsHR's perfect match system will (if possible) find an available and qualified replacement for the shift and notify managers.

Managers can then view and action shift swap requests directly from the ClubsHR app.

Pending shift swaps are in the Dashboard menu under the "Shift Swaps" section, similar to the example below.


Approving or Denying Shift Swap Requests                  

1. Click on a request to open an information window on the proposed change, including shift details, old employee, new employee and reason for the request.

2. Click Approve or Deny to action the request, which will notify both staff members.




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