What is geofencing? 

Geofencing is a virtual fence or perimeter around a pinpoint location on a map (i.e. your office).


How does ClubsHR use geofencing?

ClubsHR uses geofencing for time and attendance record keeping when a staff member clocks in and out using their smartphone. The ClubsHR smartphone app will check the distance of the smartphone from the office location pin, and if the phone location is within the geofencing perimeter, it allows staff to clock in/out. If the staff member is outside that perimeter, the app will prevent them from clocking times.


Can ClubsHR use this information for employers to track staff movements?

No, ClubsHR simply prevents staff from clocking in if the distance calculation exceeds the pre-set value set by the admins in your ClubsHR account. 


How do I set up geofencing?


You simply follow our Time and Attendance article.



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