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This article goes over the settings in each Time & Attendance Settings tab.


1. To access the settings, click the Settings tab, then select Time & Attendance.



Toggling the checkboxes for Tablet or Employee Smartphones in this section will enable or disable the use of the devices as a method of clocking in and out. This is a global setting, meaning you will disable it across the organisation if you disable it here. 



In this tab, you have the ability to:

  • Time Zone: Update the time zone for each site with your account.
  • Time Tolerance: Adjust the time tolerance for clocking in/out.
  • Photo Proof: Select which sites (if any) require photo proof from staff when they clock in/out.


GPS Smartphone

In this tab, you have the ability to:

  • GPS Tolerance: Adjust the distance from the Site that the staff member's phone needs to be to clock in or out.
    • NOTE: If your site is quite large, you may need to consider a larger tolerance, as the tolerance is based on a pinpoint location on google maps and uses geofencing.
  • Active Sites: Toggle which sites allow employees to use their smartphones to clock in and out.




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