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Adding Staff

Now that you have your Sites and Positions. You can start adding Staff. As you enter each staff member, you will be able to assign them to the various sites they can work at and the positions they can perform.

You will also see the option to add on-costs like Superannuation, Holiday Leave, and Sick Leave, which will assist the rostering calculations.

Make sure to add their contact details (email and mobile number) so that they are automatically notified later when rosters are published.

Once the staff member is added, they will be notified via email, prompted to download the ClubsHR App, and requested to update their availability.


1. Click on the Staff tab at the top of your screen.

2. You can either click the Plus (+) button to the top left of the screen to add a new staff member or click on an existing Staff member to open up the Info tab.



3. Fill in their details (name, email, mobile, DOB). Then click Update.

We'll cover the rest of the tabs on the staff card later.

TIP: Our 'getting started' articles are designed to familiarise you with each section of ClubsHR with simple steps. However, if you have a lot of staff, you can save time by importing staff from a CSV template or Xero. 

Adding Managers

In ClubsHR, a Manager or Assistant Manager (also known as Site Manager) are staff with more permissions than a regular staff member. Site Managers are assigned to Site(s) by Admins by going into specific Site(s) on the Sites screen. Their permissions allow them to approve or make changes for staff ONLY on the sites you have them set up as a manager.

Both roles have the same permissions, except Managers can see staff wage rates and financials, which allows them to help with wage budgets, whereas Assistant Managers can also plan rosters, approve leave, and approve payroll hours. However, they can't help manage labour cost budgets or sales targets.

They both can roster staff, update timesheets in Payroll, approve leave and approve shift swaps.

NOTE: If you have created a Position called Manager and don't want all staff assigned to the 'manager position' to have additional permissions, rest assured that labelling someone with the position of manager is unrelated to this feature. 

A summary of permissions granted are:

  • Dashboard - View/Approve information like leave, shift swaps, time clock and availability
  • Staff - Add/Remove staff, call or text staff
  • Roster - Add/Edit shifts
  • Payroll - Select approved hours and add payroll notes

A detailed list of permissions can be found here.


1. Go back to the Sites tab.

2. Select a Site (or Add a Site.)



3. Go to the Mangers tab or Assistants tab to assign Staff to one of the Site Manager(s) roles.

4. Click on the Plus (+) on either of the above tabs.



5. Select the Staff and click Update.


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