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ClubsHR has been explicitly designed for the Registered and Licensed Clubs Award, which gives you a great platform to manage compliance with the complex award and allowances in the industry.

To set up and use allowances. There are three places where you set up and use the allowances—giving you complete control across the system.

ClubsHR currently supports these Allowance types:

First Aid Allowance - A weekly allowance automatically applied to any staff that has the allowance enabled on the staff card.

Cook / Apprentice Tool Allowance - A daily allowance automatically applied to any day the staff member worked when the allowance is enabled on the staff card.

Laundry Allowance - A weekly allowance is automatically applied to any staff with the allowance enabled on the staff card.

Meal Allowances - A shift-specific allowance applied during the Payroll process with specific colour coding based on whether or not the allowance has been enabled on the staff card. The allowance also varies based on the type of employee.

Managers - The allowance should be paid for any shift that a manager does not eat a free meal.
Staff - Any shift where a staff member works two or more hours more than the rostered time and does not eat a free meal should be paid the allowance.


Setting Up Allowances in Pay Templates

Firstly, we want to link the allowances to the correct pay item in your payroll software. For instance, what we call First Aid Allowance in ClubsHR might be named 1st Aid Allowance or Firstaid Allowance in your payroll software. 

  1. In ClubsHR, head to Payroll Settings.
  2. Select the Pay Template you want to update.
    Clubs - Pay Templates.png

  3. Once open, select the allowances tab, and you will see a list of allowances specific to that qualification/type. 
  4. For Xero Customers - Click on the drop-down and select the matching pay item from your Xero account.
    For all other customers - Open your payroll software and find the name of the matching pay item. Then, type the name exactly as you see into the ClubsHR text box. 
  5. Once you've finished, click Save Rules and repeat the process with any other Pay Templates required.

    Clubs - Payroll Settings - Allowances.png


Applying the Allowance on the Staff Card

Now we want to select which staff should be receiving each allowance. This is the last step of the process for some allowances (First Aid, Laundry, Tool Allowances), and they will automatically be applied either as an hourly, daily or weekly allowance depending on the allowance. 

  1. Head to the Staff tab.
  2. Select the staff member you want to update.
  3. Click on the Payroll tab. Please follow the link if you haven't already Assigned Pay Templates to Staff.
  4. Click Customise next to the Site or Position to which you want to apply the allowances.
  5. Click on Allowances and tick and allowances that need to be applied.
  6. Click Back if you have more sites or positions for that same staff member that you want to repeat the process with, or close the staff card and repeat the process with the following staff member.

    Clubs - Staff Card - Allowances.png


Applying the Allowance in Payroll

Some allowances only apply to specific shifts if certain conditions are met (Meal Allowances). These allowances require one last step in the process, which is a part of the Payroll process.

  1. Head to the Payroll tab.
  2. Select the Week and the Payroll Entity.
  3. For each shift in the week. You will see a Meal Allowance icon. Either Red, Orange or Green.

    RED: The staff card has the allowance enabled, but the allowance is not being paid for this shift.
    ORANGE: The staff card has the allowance disabled, and the allowance is not being paid for this shift.
    GREEN: The allowance has been applied to this shift.

    Clubs - Payroll Meal Allowances.png

    Click the icon, either tick (to pay the allowance) or untick the meal allowance checkbox (when the allowance is not required) and Save.

    Clubs - Payroll - Meal Allowance Staff.png

Clubs - Payroll - Meal Allowance Managers.png




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