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If you receive the A Xero Pay Item assigned to (Staff Name) is missing or invalid error message, it generally means the pay item set in ClubsHR no longer exists in Xero or the pay rule in ClubsHR is missing a Xero pay item.

Clubs - Xero Error.png

There are two spots to check when fixing the error, which depend on whether the staff member is set up as salary or wages, and if they are on wages, which pay template is assigned to them. If you already know, you can skip to the relevant section below. 


How to know whether my staff is Salary or Wages

  1. Head to the Staff tab and click on the staff member.
  2. Click on the Payroll tab and check to see which is ticked.
  3. If the Casual/Part-time/Full-time option is ticked, they are on wages, and Fixed Salary means they are on Salary.
  4. If they are on wages, take note of the Pay Template(s) assigned to them.

    Clubs - Salary or Wages.png


Fixing the error for Salary staff

  1. Head to the Staff tab and click on the staff member.
  2. Click on the Payroll tab.
  3. Select the correct Xero Pay Item for the staff member's salary.
  4. If it looks like it's already correct, select another pay item and then reselect the correct one.

    Clubs - Salary Pay Item.png


Fixing the error for Wage staff

  1. Click on the Settings tab and select Payroll
  2. Click on the Pay Template(s) assigned to that staff member and look for anything that looks wrong or missing in each of the tabs across the top of the Pay Template.

    Clubs - Wages Pay Item.png
    Example of a missing pay item

    Clubs - Pay Template Tabs.png
    Check each tab for the Pay Template

  3. If everything looks correct, try changing the Xero Pay Item and then reselecting the correct one for each of the Pay Rules.
  4. Repeat for all Pay Templates that were assigned to the staff member.



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