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This article covers how to access onboarding information once your staff members have completed the required onboarding. You must set up staff onboarding and then invite your staff member to your account for them to have received the onboarding link.


  1. Click on the Staff tab, then select a staff member.
  2. Click on the Documents tab, and click through the different tabs to see all the captured information.
  3. You can:

    Approve the information to prevent further changes by the staff member.
    Unapprove the information to allow updates to the information.
    Decline to send it back to the staff member to redo.

    If you are a Xero customer with Sync to Xero enabled in Onboarding Settings - Once all sections are approved, the staff information will be pushed to Xero.

  4. On the Company Documents tab, you can click the file icon to download a copy.
  5. You also have the ability to resend the staff onboarding link to the staff member or update their staff information yourself using the buttons at the bottom of the modal, which is useful if they are an existing staff member or if they have made a mistake on their onboarding and you wish to fix the error.
  6. Xero Customers can also create a staff member in their Xero account by clicking Create Staff in Xero button. To create staff in Xero, the Personal Information, Bank Details, and Tax File Number must be approved. Note: Superannuation and Company Documents currently don't sync to Xero.

TIP: If you have already created the staff in Xero, this button will create a duplicate in Xero. In this situation, please use Employee Sync with Xero.



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