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This article covers how you can use ClubsHR's budgeting system to plan your roster by hours, labour cost or even labour percentage.

Setup Instructions

First, ensure your pay templates are set up with rates on the Settings > Payroll page.

Ensure Staff Members are assigned Pay Templates on the Staff tab by selecting the staff member and clicking the Payroll tab.

Note: Confirm the correct rates have been applied to your staff member



1. Select the Roster tab from the top of your screen.

2. Select a Week and Select a Site.

3. Add your daily sales targets into the roster screen on either the Daily or Weekly view. 

4. Your labour costs will be displayed in the daily view and the Weekly Summary.

5. The Financial Summary of the week includes total hours, estimated cost, average pay rate, and labour percentage to sales.


See the actual cost of each shift

Once you have added rates and pay templates for your employees, ClubsHR becomes powerful from a budgeting perspective. Simply putting your cursor over any shift will provide accurate cost information.






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