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This article covers how to add specific regional public holidays.

NOTE: Public Holidays are set per Site.

This is important for Payroll Integrations to apply the correct pay rate.


1. Click on the Settings tab, then select Payroll from the dropdown.



2. Select the Site from the Sites Linked panel that you want to add public holidays.

NOTE: If you have previously added public holidays to your account and you are looking to add a custom public holiday, skip to step 6.

3. In the panel labelled Public Holiday, click on the Plus (+) button to begin to add your timezone and public holidays.



4. Click on the Country dropdown and select from the options, then select from the State dropdown and select your state.



5. When you are done, click Add.



6. If you have Custom Public Holidays that you observe, add the name of the public holiday and the date and click Add.

7. Click Save to add the public holidays to your payroll settings.

If you see a box underneath the public holiday time zone header with your state in it, you have successfully imported the public holidays.

When you roster, public holidays will show up as red on the day/date of the holiday, and public holiday pay rates will be used for budgeting if you have these included in your pay templates.

8. Repeat this process for other sites by selecting the following site in the Sites Linked panel.




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